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Bone broth is showing up everywhere; here's why ours still stands out

Hannah SpringerComment
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In a thankfully (!) newly enlightened time when bone broth is showing up in many stores, both brick-and-mortar and online, it's easy to get confused about which ones will provide you with the most benefits and value for your money. Here's why ours still stands out from the crowd:

1. Our water -- we use spring water for all our broths! This means no added fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, or any of the other unhealthful things present in most tap water which is what is generally used for commercial bone broth.

2. Our bones -- we use the best mix of bones for nutritional benefits and flavor. This means our chicken broth contains chicken backs, drumsticks, and feet (1 whole lb of feet per pot!), and our beef broth has a mix of collagen-rich knuckle bones and shanks (marrow bones with plenty of meat attached).

Not only do we source from small family-owned & operated farms that use organic farming practices (NO antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, etc.) BUT we go a step further to buy only from farms that provide fresh pasture to their flocks and herds on a daily basis, weather permitting of course! Pastured animals (raised in grassy fields, aka "pasture") are healthier and happier since they get sunshine and fresh grass, plus everything that comes with it (herbs, bugs and small reptiles for chickens, etc).

Cows are not supposed to eat grains and we don't use any grain-fed beef bones. We also go to great lengths (ask me about this sometime, it's quite a story!) to get soy-free pastured chicken backs and legs from Amish country in PA. (Our chicken feet are sourced close to our kitchen, from a grass-based small family farm, and they are beautiful chicken feet.) High levels of estrogen in our meat and dairy (partly due to soy feed used heavily for livestock) is a concern for many people, and in an era of estrogen-driven cancers we strive to do everything we possibly can to make our products the most healthful they can be. Think that "organic" broth from the store can measure up to any of this? Think again. Animals raised with the organic label can still be raised entirely indoors and fed mainly grains, including soy.

3. Small batch: fresh & flavorful -- we've been told consistently by our customers that our broth tastes better when compared to other brands, many quite reputable, that they've tried. This is probably due largely to the fact that our broths are still made in such small batches. Just as high-quality homemade food has that special energy and vibrancy that large-scale factory made food cannot possibly replicate, so our broth -- and all of our products -- have this same quality. Each pot of our broth yields only about 5-5.5 quarts. This means we are making multiple pots of broth every day, so even though yours probably comes frozen it's still "fresh!"

4. The co-stars -- organic carrots, organic celery, plus plenty of organic fresh thyme and bay leaves, raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar which helps draw minerals out from the bones to put them in the broth where we want them...and don't forget the delicious, beautiful, and healthful Himalayan pink salt added to bring out the flavor and provide some extra trace minerals. We don't use onion in our chicken or beef broth so that sensitive individuals can still enjoy it. 

5. Expertise -- I've been making bone broth for over 9 years now and our customers reap the benefits of the hundreds of hours I've spent making it, always improving and tweaking to get the very best flavor and quality. Our broths are highly gelatinous which show their benefits, and naturally delicious.

6. Customization -- Customers can request unsalted broth or broth packaged in glass as long as they email us a few days in advance. They can also request specially customized broth (perhaps with fewer ingredients than we normally use) with a 5-quart minimum order.

7. Love & passion -- That's right, everybody: love & passion. These are the reasons I do what I do. I love food, I love cooking, I love nourishing my family and community, and I love all of you, my customers. While there are many support staff both paid and unpaid, there is one essential and authentic human being (yes, a bit obsessed and an admitted perfectionist) behind this company and that is why we are the best at what we do. I am here to take care of you and make you happy, nourished, and comforted with the very best, most delicious, and most healthful broths and other foods. Let's raise a glass of "liquid gold" and toast to that, my friends! 

Me with my first "real" stock pot, an All-Clad stainless steel floor model that Hugo got at Macy's for a steal...this was taken on New Year's Eve 2009. This is a photo of a person who loves making broth, and beautiful cookware! :-)

Me with my first "real" stock pot, an All-Clad stainless steel floor model that Hugo got at Macy's for a steal...this was taken on New Year's Eve 2009. This is a photo of a person who loves making broth, and beautiful cookware! :-)