Designing a winning breakfast

Have you ever struggled to get the right balance at breakfast? I know I have. The easiest thing is to grab a slice of one of our gluten-free breads (try one of our whole-foods GF sourdoughs with goat cheese and sliced tomato!), or our Paleo cinnamon granola with fresh berries, coconut milk, and a teaspoon of hemp seeds. But let's face it, a breakfast like this will only sustain you for a brief time. Why not try one of our made-to-order sausage mixtures (with added organ meats for those of you looking for that extra nutritional boost)?

The image above shows the way I eat most mornings, usually with a delicious vegetable puree (made with ghee) alongside. Butternut squash and carrot puree are my favorites. When I don't have one of these on hand I will reach for a small scoop of refried beans or maybe green peas since I know I need some carbs at breakfast. My work demands long hours on my feet and I like to have a really sustaining meal like this by mid-morning.

My go-to sausage combination is lamb, pork, and turkey with organ meats, of course made with our specially-sourced local pastured meats raised the right way (free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and GMOs). You can choose from pork, turkey, or lamb for your sausage of choice, and now we offer the convenient option of getting your selection preformed into patties! We add our special blend of organic spices to the meat, then form and freeze each customer's patties and package them in a ziploc bag. Each night before you go to bed just grab one of these patties from the freezer and put it in the fridge. Bake it in a toaster oven for 17 min at 375 degrees; you don't have to wait for the toaster oven to heat up first, just pop it in and go take your shower. Don't forget the sauteed greens (a fantastic balance for a protein-rich breakfast) and the indispensable beet kvass and fermented veggies!

Hannah SpringerComment