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Info for new customers

Our delivery zones and times:

1. Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens -- every Monday and Thursday evening.

2. Westchester, Greenwich CT, and Hudson Valley deliveries are arranged on an as-needed basis. We currently go to Greenwich on Mondays and Beacon on Thursdays.

*If you are NOT within our delivery zone we would strongly encourage you to come to our store in Red Hook, NY! Please see the Our Store link.

Four ways to order:

1. On our website

2. By sending an email to with a list of your selections, along with address and cell phone number if you are a new customer. Payment may be made by credit card (we can take your number over the phone), by Chase QuickPay, PayPal, or by cash or check upon delivery.

3. By calling (845) 835-8166 to speak with us. The payment options under #2 apply in this case.

4. Set up a subscription service by email, text message, or phone. You choose the items and the frequency (weekly, every other week, first Monday of every month, etc), or give us an allowance and let us choose for you! We will send a reminder so you don't forget.

All other details are below. If your question hasn't been answered, please send us an email.

SHIPPING: We do not ship our items at this time.

MINIMUMS: There is no minimum for delivery to Brooklyn or Manhattan; deliveries to the Bronx and Queens have a $150 minimum. The minimum for deliveries to Westchester and the Hudson Valley is $150.

PAYMENTS: You may pay by credit card on our website or over the phone, or by cash or check upon delivery. We can also receive PayPal and Chase QuickPay payments sent to You may also provide us with your credit card information to keep on file so we can charge your card for you. Please provide this information by giving us a call at our store at (845) 835-8166.

PICKING UP YOUR ORDER: Come to our store in Red Hook, NY (located in the Hudson Valley NOT in Brooklyn) to pick up your order. Orders placed off the Monday menu will be available for pick-up Monday afternoons; orders placed off the Thursday menu will be available for pick-up Thursday afternoons. You may also contact us to request a different pick-up time. Please do NOT order after 12pm on Monday or Thursday until the new menu has been posted.

SHORTAGES: We occasionally have shortages or are otherwise unable to fill orders in their entirely and exactly as specified. In the event that this occurs we will issue a refund to your card, or reduce the total due upon delivery.

CANCELLATION: If you decide to cancel an order or cancel specific items from an order please do so by 6:00pm one day prior to your delivery day. In the event that you must leave town suddenly and did not cancel on time we will freeze your items for delivery the following week; please understand that some items may not be as delicious after freezing and thawing. All custom-made items (such as meat mixtures and coconut milk custards) are not refundable if they have already been made.

INSULATED BAGS: Please add the 10.00 insulated bag option to your account (see Convenience Items at the top of the menu) if you will need a bag with your order (i.e. your doorman will be accepting the delivery or you are picking up). Please leave the bag with the doorman just prior to your next delivery and we will make a swap when we bring your order, or bring it with you the next time you pick up.

JARS: We charge slightly higher prices for a handful of our items that are packaged in glass jars. Customers who shop in our store or pick up their orders may return their jars for a 1.00 refund credit per jar. JARS MUST BE SPOTLESSLY CLEAN AND WITHOUT LIDS. We will wash and sanitize them before reusing but we do NOT accept dirty jars or jars with rust stains from wet lids.

DELIVERY ZONES: Please select the appropriate delivery zone when you place your order. If you are unsure about your zone, or live in an area not specified, please email for assistance. If you select the incorrect zone we will place the appropriate credit or balance on your account. Our current zones are as follows: