Pastured grass-fed chicken egg compared to a conventionally-raised chicken’s egg.

Pastured grass-fed chicken egg compared to a conventionally-raised chicken’s egg.

Produce: local, organic, sustainable

We partner with Hudson Valley Harvest for greens and seasonal produce, from farms like Hepworth Organic, Sorbello Greenhouses, MX Morningstar Farm, and Rockhedge Farm for fresh thyme during the winter. We buy from Ironwood Organic Farm in Ghent and Sparrowbush Farm in Hudson during the growing season, supplementing with certified organic produce from our wholesale supplier Baldor as needed throughout the year. Our favorite garlic is from Shoving Leopard farm in Barrytown. We also purchase small quantities of organic produce at Whole Foods, Tops supermarket, Sunflower natural foods market in Rhinebeck, and our local Rhinebeck farmers’ market. The only conventionally-grown items we use regularly are green plantains (we cannot source organic wholesale), and fresh ginger root (the organic varieties are so tiny as to be impossible to peel). When local/organic is not available, we pick local, responsibly grown over organically-certified from far away, but the one exception is with apples which are generally sprayed unless they are certified organic. We also use only organic lemons and limes for zest and juice in recipes. The bay leaves for our broths are currently not organic.

Proteins: local, pastured, grass-fed & finished, beyond organic

We go all the way to Lapp’s Farmette in PA for our soy-free fully-pastured beyond-organic eggs; we even have a wheat-free option for customers from neighboring Clearview Farm where we also get our pastured soy-free turkey, amazing goat cheese, pastured ghee, and 100% grass-fed Jersey cultured cream for quiches. Our other preferred ground turkey is from Koch’s organics. Our pastured chicken is from Greenane Farm in the Catskills, and grass-based Northwind Farm, just a few miles from our kitchen, supplies the chicken feet for our broth, our ground beef, ground lamb, ground pork, and knuckle bones and shanks for beef bone broth. Our raw cow’s milk cheeses for recipes are from 5 Spoke Creamery in Goshen, and for resale we source from grass-based Chaseholm Farm Creamery in Pine Plains. We also source as needed from Finger Lakes Farms cooperative and from the Piggery in Ithaca. Our organic bacon, grass-fed bison, and ground organ meats (beef heart/liver) come from Blackwing Meats in IL. All farms are committed to organic grass-based practices and are free of GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides. The small amount of seafood that we use is 100% wild-caught.

Dry goods: 95% organic

Dry beans & lentils: organic, locally sourced whenever possible, soaked in spring water and simmered in bone broth with Atlantic kombu for improved digestibility. Rustichella d’Abruzzo organic red lentil pasta for a couple of recipes.

Tomato paste, strained & crushed tomatoes: organic, packaged in glass jars (Bionaturae & Jovial brands)

Dry grains including millet, whole buckwheat groats, and quinoa: all organic, soaked and sprouted or fermented

Sweeteners: raw honey from Texas, grade B (less refined) maple syrup from PA, organic coconut sugar

Fats & oils: pastured ghee and butter from Jersey cows, and pastured pork lard from our Amish farmers in PA, grass-fed beef tallow from, local pastured chicken and goose fat (from Northwind Farm, rendered in-house), expeller-pressed coconut oil from Nutiva (not organic currently, we’ve had issues with sourcing a really good-tasting refined coconut oil that is organic but will keep working at this), organic extra-virgin olive oil (we use Bionaturae Italian), Sir Kensington avocado oil mayo, occasional organic palm shortening, and very occasional organic sesame oil

Grain-free flours: cassava flour (Otto’s Naturals), organic arrowroot & tigernut flours from Anthony’s Organics, and organic coconut flour from

Nuts & seeds, etc: wild soil almonds for our granola, conventional pecans also for granola (due to the very high pricing of organic), organic sunflower seeds, organic cashews, organic almond butter, organic tahini, Honeyville almond flour (not organic), organic chia seeds, organic poppy seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic pine nuts

Dried fruit: organic raisins and other occasional organic dried fruit, usually from; organic dates from Baldor

Spices/dried herbs and miscellaneous cooking ingredients: all organic spices and dried herbs, organic vanilla extract (from Cook’s Vanilla), Thai Kitchen green curry and red curry pastes, La Preferida organic mild diced chiles, Arm & Hammer baking soda, and Hain’s gluten-free aluminum-free baking powder for one or two recipes when needed (contains potato starch but no corn)

Coconut milk: organic additive-free from Native Forest (their food service 3 qt can is BPA-free and contains no additives). Our cinnamon pinwheels contain coconut milk that has guar gum added, but is the only recipe like this.

Wine, vinegar & soy sauce: organic raw apple cider vinegar, Natura organic red and white wines in stews, soups, etc. Our brandy for pate is gluten-free. We use organic Tamari (wheat-free naturally fermented soy sauce) in a couple of recipes.

Chocolate: organic raw cacao powder, organic raw cacao nibs, organic cacao butter, organic chocolate chips from (these contain organic chocolate liquor, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter—this is the only item we use that contains sugar)

Everything else: we are transparent!

The only other ingredients in our food are locally-sourced spring water and Himalayan pink salt. Simply click any image when ordering to view the full list of ingredients.