Fish soup with greens

Fish soup with greens


Our mineral-rich wild-caught fish broth (see description under Bone Broths for ingredients), plus wild-caught cod and a pleasing array of flavorful, organic greens and vegetables: onions, carrots, celery, scallions, parsley, baby spinach, and green cabbage. Organic spices (curry, coriander, ginger, yellow mustard, cumin, turmeric) add color and depth to the broth. Aromatics are sauteed in expeller-pressed coconut oil which has no coconut flavor. Seasoned with Himalayan pink salt. A beautiful, delicious, and nourishing soup!

Serving size guide: one large or two small servings per 16 oz container.

Packaged in 16 oz plastic containers.

"I just had the fish soup with greens for lunch - WOW - my husband will love it!"

-Debra, Greenwich CT

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