Albondigas soup

Albondigas soup


Our family loves this soup! Unlike most soups it's hearty enough to make a well-rounded full meal. Eating beef in a bone broth base is an especially digestible way to enjoy the benefits of this high-quality grass-fed protein. Made with OWC chicken broth, organic veggies (leeks, carrots, local zucchini, corn, local garlic, and cilantro), pastured chicken fat (rendered in-house), and Himalayan pink salt. Meatballs are made with local grass-fed ground beef (Northwind Farm), soy-free pastured eggs, organic yellow onions, local/organic garlic, grass-fed beef tallow, organic thyme, organic cumin, organic oregano, organic black pepper, and Himalayan pink salt. Four meatballs per pint.


One plastic pint.

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