Yellow quinoa pilaf

Yellow quinoa pilaf


I normally don't eat grains or serve them to my family, but I occasionally make an exception for this incredible quinoa! Our quinoa is prepared over 2-3 days with great care -- guaranteed fluffy and delicious without that odd flavor quinoa sometimes has when special care isn't taken in its preparation.

Contains organic white quinoa (soaked & sprouted), OWC chicken broth, organic yellow onions, pastured chicken fat (rendered in-house from Northwind Farm), organic spices (curry powder, black pepper), and Himalayan pink salt. A truly luscious and nourishing quinoa experience!

Serving size guide: 4 side servings per pint container. Absolutely amazing as a salad topper. For something warm and comforting we recommend putting it in chicken broth along with a pat of butter for a delicious soup! Also wonderful simply warmed, topped with butter and/or cheese.

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