Porcini mushroom meatloaf (turkey)

Porcini mushroom meatloaf (turkey)

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A succulent meatloaf with only the best ingredients! Made with local pastured ground turkey from Greenane Farm, organic yellow onions, local/organic garlic, dried Porcini mushrooms, pastured beef tallow, organic glass-jar tomato paste, pastured soy-free eggs, organic spices (black pepper, yellow mustard, cayenne pepper, white pepper), and Himalayan pink salt. An Oliver Weston Company family favorite. (Watch your kids carefully or you won't even get a piece!)


Serving size guide: approx. 4 servings (6"), 6 servings (8"). Precooked weights are 1 lb 6 oz (6") and 2 lb 3 oz (8").

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