Red lentil pasta & beef Bolognese (optional mozzarella topping)

Red lentil pasta & beef Bolognese (optional mozzarella topping)

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Our three boys love this casserole!

This tasty casserole is made with our very favorite red lentil pasta (from Rustichella d'Abruzzo, contains only organic red lentils, cooked in spring water with organic EVOO & Himalayan salt), and our popular American-style Bolognese meat sauce (grass-fed ground beef sauteed with pastured beef tallow, organic yellow onions, organic celery, local/organic garlic, organic glass jar strained tomatoes, organic dried oregano & basil, Himalayan pink salt, organic black pepper, and a touch of raw honey). Optional organic mozzarella topping and organic parsley garnish.


Serving size guide: 2-3 servings per 6" pan, 4-5 servings per 8” pan

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