Dairy-free crustless quiche--broccoli

Dairy-free crustless quiche--broccoli


This week's quiche is made with six pastured soy-free eggs, organic coconut milk (BPA-free can, absolutely zero additives), organic broccoli (steamed), and Himalayan pink salt. We recommend some of our tasty lactofermented vegetables alongside.

Please note that this quiche is not as delicious as our regular version, so we don't recommend choosing this option unless you are on a dairy-free diet. You may also request a quiche without this week's filling ingredient(s) in the check-out notes.


Serving size guide: cut into 6 slices. Two slices make a quick and filling meal; or pair one slice with our sourdough toast, butternut puree, and sauteed greens for a hearty breakfast.

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