Crustless quiche with choice of veg (+ dairy-free option)

Crustless quiche with choice of veg (+ dairy-free option)

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Our popular savory 9" quiches are filled with fresh (usually seasonal) produce plus a delicious grass-fed cheese. A dairy-free option is also available, made with pure coconut milk and no cheese.

This week's quiche is made with six pastured soy-free eggs, choice of organic baby spinach, organic scallions, or organic tomatoes, pastured cultured cream, 5 Spoke Creamery Welsh Cheddar cheese (raw/local/pastured), and Himalayan pink salt. We recommend some of our tasty lactofermented vegetables alongside!

CONTAINS EGGS & DAIRY, DEPENDING ON SELECTION. You may also request a quiche without filling ingredient(s) in the check-out notes.

Serving size guide: cut into 6 slices. Two slices make a quick and filling meal; or pair one slice with our sourdough toast, butternut puree, and sauteed greens for a hearty breakfast.

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