How much broth is "enough" broth?

Every so often I have a new customer who orders a quart of broth from me and then resurfaces months later for another quart. My dear customers: this is not enough broth. If you are making it yourself, that's fabulous! If you are getting it somewhere else, that's fine, too! But please please PLEASE be sure you and your entire family are having bone broth. Every. Single. Day.

Bone broths and lactofermented vegetables are the two absolutely indispensable foods that need to be in everyone's diet. (I would add liver to that list, but that's a topic for another day.) Bone broths boast an impressive array of easily-absorbed minerals (think bones and teeth) and gelatin which comes from collagen and is an essential component of our joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and skin, including the lining of the digestive tract. Want youthful skin with great elasticity? Avoid refined vegetable oils, use high-quality traditional animals fats, and DRINK BONE BROTH.

Our upgraded super-gelatinous beef broth.

Our upgraded super-gelatinous beef broth.

How much broth should I have every day? One cup is the absolute minimum, two cups for excellent digestion and immune function, and as much as a few quarts a day for serious health issues (GI disorders, cancer, etc).

How do I use bone broth? The easiest way is to make soup! (And remember that if you are purchasing our premade soups that counts toward your daily broth intake.) Here are some other ideas:

  • Replace the cooking water with broth when making whole grains and beans.
  • Use it in any recipe that calls for packaged broth.
  • Boil it down and feed it to your baby from a tiny spoon (the water will evaporate leaving a concentrated highly-gelatinous mineral-rich syrup).
  • Have a cupful, sprinkled with fresh minced parsley, scallions, or cilantro for an elegant and digestion-enhancing touch before a meal.
  • Drink a mug of it at bedtime.
  • Give it to your little ones in their bottles and sippy cups, lukewarm or straight from the fridge. Older kids might like to eat it cold, as a jelly (Oliver and Weston do!).
  • Replace your mid-morning or mid-afternoon coffee ritual with bone broth.

You will feel the difference immediately, and your bones, joints, teeth, skin, tummy, and immune system will THANK YOU.

I can't afford that much broth! Well, you can definitely make it yourself -- the internet abounds with great recipes!

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