Seven ways to use bone broth

To truly enjoy the health benefits of bone broth it's important that it be an essential part of your daily diet. In our house we use bone broth in the following ways:

  • to braise meats
  • to make gravy (we make reduction gravy, which is thickened naturally through evaporation (boiling) rather than through adding flour or cornstarch)
  • in soups & stews
  • to cook rice for Hugo (simply replace the water with broth; if you consume other grains, pasta, or beans cooked from scratch you can replace the cooking water with broth for a big nutritious boost and improved digestibility)
  • as a soothing hot beverage (Oliver and Weston like it straight from the fridge, in their thermos, bottle, or sippy cups)
  • as a bowl of ultra-simple soup before a meal, with fresh herbs sprinkled on top (scallions, cilantro, basil, parsley) and sometimes a bit of sriracha mixed in (and yes, I like this sometimes as my bedtime snack!)
  • and Oliver and Weston's favorite: "jelly" broth! (our broths vary from batch to batch, but the trotter broth is always a firm jelly)
Hannah Springer