Work with us

A position at the Oliver Weston Company is a priceless opportunity to learn valuable nutrition and cooking skills that will benefit you for your entire life!

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A nurturing place to work

Mutual respect and collaboration are the foundation of our work ethos here at the OWC. We pride ourselves on maintaining a busy but peaceful work environment with consideration for all employees a core value. Hannah prepares a nourishing midday meal each day for staff to enjoy together. We work hard, but we also have great conversations and gain deep satisfaction from transforming raw ingredients into amazing dishes for our customers. Employees receive a living wage, take-home items to enjoy, access to the best quality produce and ingredients at wholesale prices, some flexibility with scheduling, and the option to work/barter for food at a higher hourly rate.

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Who we hire

Hardworking, reliable, attentive to detail, an interest in Paleo food and cooking…these are just a few of the traits we look for in our employees. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to apply and seek to foster a totally positive, inclusive, and caring environment. Employees who work hard and express a desire to take on more tasks and work more hours will be rewarded with higher pay and advancement. Employees who work full time are eligible for benefits. Please note that we absolutely prohibit drugs, alcohol, and smoking on our premises.

Besides kitchen staff we are also occasionally hiring delivery personnel (runners and drivers) in NYC and Westchester. Please email to inquire.

Learning opportunities

Ask as many questions as you wish! Hannah is ready to answer all queries and provide as much information as you could possibly want on nutrition, healing diets, natural remedies, feeding children, sourcing locally, and more! You will gain knowledge in fermenting, making bone broths, baking without grains or sugar, proper preparation of beans, using natural traditional fats, making stews and soups, and much more.

Our kitchen is streamlined but complete, with a six-burner gas range and oven, stand-alone convection oven, three-bay dishwashing sink, veggie prep sink, hand washing sink, multiple refrigerators, an employee dining area, two bathrooms, a basement for storage, and a small outdoor deck.

How to apply:

Send an email to with a personal introduction, information about your experience and availability, and a resume if you have one prepared. We are ready to train employees from any skill level but for prep cooks we do require basic vegetable prep skills. Delivery drivers must have their own reliable vehicle, a driver’s license, and a record of safe driving.