The Oliver Weston Company

Fundamental foods for health & healing

Who we are:

Hannah Springer -- resident chef, anxious mother (read: administer of natural remedies for everything under the sun), workaholic, perfectionist, food-lover, occasional Lindy Hopper, and passionate advocate for all things natural and controversial

Hugo Corvera -- the "fun" parent, child wrangler, household photographer, the man who can assemble/install/improve just about anything, gold star delivery driver, and avid student of many languages

In a nutshell:

A brief romance cut very short...a reconnection years later...a failed first business...and a years-long quest to heal multiple health conditions...yep, it's the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster for sure! Suffice it to say that we've learned a thing or two about the connection between food and health (and mental health!) over the past eleven years together, while also making multiple moves and having three boys.

The food & health connection:

After discovering the work of Weston A. Price in a roundabout way back in 2008 we started on a journey down the rabbit hole of dietary experimentation resulting in how we eat today: a blend of WAPF, GAPS, Paleo, and locavore, with no gluten, very few grains, and a decent amount of mostly raw dairy for at least some members of the family. Our children eat grass-fed meats (including organ meats), soy-free pastured eggs, fermented vegetables, bone broths, homemade non-grain baked goods, and lots of fruit with raw cream to keep life sweet. (And yes, this was a pretty major change for us: before our quest began Hugo had been vegetarian for 16 years and I was firmly on the high-carb, low-fat bandwagon.)

I credit our dietary changes and experiments first with helping my thyroid limp back to better health, restoring Oliver's majorly disordered gut condition as a young toddler (grains & legumes were the problem), improving Hugo's allergies and my acne and headaches, ensuring our children would stay reasonably healthy and resilient (knock wood, no need for antibiotics to date), and keeping our marriage together. Yes, food can affect your closest relationships in some major ways: if it wasn't for getting off of gluten and sugar we would very likely be divorced or at least living separately. Both these substances do very bad things to Hugo's moods and they certainly make me tired, irritable, and blue!

Cooking is labor-intensive and I realized early on (while spending multiple hours each day as a young mother making broths, kombucha, kefir, yogurt, and bread), that I would need to make cooking this way into my profession if it was going to be sustainable, and began teaching classes and offering nutrition consultations. When it became clear that what people REALLY wanted was food, I started renting my first commercial kitchen back in Brooklyn in 2012.

Three kitchens later, and countless meals served and all-nighters pulled, we've relocated to beautiful Dutchess County and opened our first storefront in Red Hook, NY. Hugo is the man behind the scenes keeping everything running smoothly and I handle the day-to-day operations of the kitchen, the website, and customer service.

Our two older boys, Oliver and Weston, attend Primrose Hill School in Rhinebeck, and Figaro (age 4) eagerly awaits his turn. [The Waldorf approach has worked extraordinarily well for our boys so far and we highly recommend checking out the school!]

On our menu you will find dishes made to suit a discerning and enlightened customer, with ingredients like coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, local vegetables, pastured meats (with an emphasis on nose-to-tail eating), and just about everything organic. What you won't find: tapioca flour, vegetable oils, potato starch, rice flour, refined sugar, gluten, and anything else that our family has personally found to wreck our digestion, mood, immune systems, or well-being. If you're on a special diet and need help navigating our menu to figure out what you can eat please reach out; visit our Contact page for multiple ways to get in touch.

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to serving you soon!

--Hannah Springer, MS, HHC