The Oliver Weston Company

Fundamental foods for health and healing


Our Store

7466 South Broadway, Red Hook NY 12571

Call: (845) 835-8166 or text: (718) 490-2839

Our storefront and commercial kitchen are located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, situated between the towns of Hudson and Rhinebeck and across the river from Kingston. We are two hours north of Manhattan and one hour south of Albany. Our special products are worth the drive, but if you live along the Hudson River (between Red Hook & Yonkers), in Greenwich CT, or in New York City you may opt for home delivery.

Orders must be placed on our website, by email, by phone, or by text. Please contact us to arrange picking up your order at our shop.

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A unique business model

The Oliver Weston Company business model is based on strong two-way relationships with our customers. We maintain extremely high standards of excellence, quality control, and customer service. This means attention to detail, consistently delicious products, batch after batch, and the promise to make things right if a customer is ever dissatisfied (not to mention concierge-level service including accepting orders by text). We also take requests and menu suggestions to the best of our ability. In turn, our customers do their part by ordering one to three days in advance of delivery or pick-up which allows us to offer diverse, ever-changing menus without wasting any precious food.

Yes, this requires a bit of planning on your part, but think of how much planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, sourcing, and health research we are doing for you! Our service enables you to have restaurant-quality food (with home-made quality standards) for as many meals of the week as you would like.

Pick up your order for 10% off

Customers who pick up their orders save us valuable time and resources, and we thank them with a 10% discount off our website prices. Place an order online, select the pick-up option, and enter the code HUDSONVALLEY to save 10% on your order. We love connecting in person with the people we serve, so if you're a home-delivery customer who happens to be passing through please stop in, say hello, and save some green! We will let you browse our freezers and make selections based on what we have available.

Bring the family!

The Oliver Weston Company is named for our first two boys and is dedicated to nourishing young children (and their parents!) so they can reach their full potential and enjoy the benefits of excellent health. That's why we offer a quiet and light-filled little space -- equipped with toys, books, and comfortable child seating -- for children to play, read, and relax while their parents are picking up their orders.

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Take a rest from your busy day

Our spacious shop offers a tranquil setting to chat with the chef and take a moment to rest and recharge when picking up your order. Let our peaceful decor, potted plants, and picture windows invite you to stay a minute and relax.

Convenient pick-up option & curbside service

Place your order online and contact us to schedule picking up your order. Purchase an insulated bag (located at the top of our online ordering menu) so we can have your order all ready to go when you arrive; then simply bring it with you the next time and make an easy swap for your new order. In a hurry or have a child sleeping in the car? Just give us a call (845-835-8166) and we will run your order right out to your car for you.