The Oliver Weston Company

A traditional foods kitchen

Welcome to the Oliver Weston Company, New York City's premier source for traditional, nutrient-dense, gluten-free* prepared foods, made from organic, local ingredients, delivered fresh to your door twice a week.

We offer five varieties of therapeutic and healing bone broths, grass-fed meat dishes, local/organic vegetable purees and other seasonal sides, gluten-free baked goods (including whole foods-based, grain-free/starch-free breads, muffins, and granola), healthier treats, lactofermented vegetables, and sustaining snacks like our pastured chicken liver pate. Best of all, we provide home delivery, so you can focus on your work and family and still enjoy a bounty of homemade-quality nourishing foods!

Many of our customers are gluten-free, follow a Paleo/Primal lifestyle, a grain-free or dairy-free diet, the GAPS diet, the principles of Weston A. Price, are on a gut-healing protocol, or simply appreciate our locally-sourced, farm-to-table approach.

*please note that while our kitchen is dedicated gluten-free and we make every effort to purchase gluten-free ingredients, there may be some ingredients that we use that are not certified GF (for example, bulk dry goods like shredded coconut). Please check with us with any questions.

...the seasoning was just perfect. It tasted like a stew you might get in an inn in the French countryside. We were momentarily transported, until the sirens came. Thank you!!
— Sandy, Manhattan

Our made-to-order meat mixtures make for a quick and nutritious weeknight meal. We use exclusively locally-raised grass-fed meats for our meatball, burger, and sausage mixtures, including beef, pork, lamb, turkey, buffalo, and a special organ meat (beef heart, liver, and lamb kidney) blend to add an optional nutritious boost.

I saw the doctors today and it seems the chicken bone broth is perfect to help me along the path to recovery [from colitis].
— J., Brooklyn
Our lactofermented pink cabbage mix, made from organic red and local green cabbage, local apples, Himalayan pink salt, deep well water, and time.

Our lactofermented pink cabbage mix, made from organic red and local green cabbage, local apples, Himalayan pink salt, deep well water, and time.

That week may have been the best I’ve eaten all year... Everything had lots of flavor, but it also all tasted like things I could have made myself, if I only had the time (maybe), which I found to be oddly comforting.

Soy-free pastured chicken breast tenders coated with seasoned cashew meal made from organic soaked and toasted cashews, then fried in pastured beef tallow. A customer favorite!

I loooved my food and would like to order more! Every meal had been made easier, healthier, tastier and better for me! The [sourdough] bread has made me so happy!! Only good gluten free bread out there.
— Lucy, Brooklyn

Our super gelatinous beef broth made from local/pastured beef knuckle bones with marrow, beef shanks, organic vegetables, fresh herbs, and deep well water. Enjoy a cup of bone broth daily for good health!

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the soups. Not only were they incredibly delicious (I totally licked my bowl clean) but I felt really well nourished. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for what you do.
— Brielle, Brooklyn
I’m really so happy to have found you guys. I’m trying to heal from a major compromised immune system and so many food intolerances and already in the last two weeks I’m seeing major improvements from drinking your broth 3 times a day during my healing phase.
— Andrea, Manhattan